Chef Desmond Chia’s Masterclass

Hello Readers! How have you been? I’ve been slacking off (not really) I’m busy most of the time working and work has been sucking the life out of me.

Oh well,lets get to the main topic (as seen on the header).

Last Thursday, Sarawak Bloggers (MYY Bloggers) was invited by Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel for a special masterclass. Ladybird a.k.a Eileen texted me beforehand telling me that she passed my contact number to a guy name Joe something about food review at Pullman. When she mentioned FOOD, I AM IN!  (FOOD IS BAE Y’KNOW) Jokes aside, I said okay and Joe contacted me,I think he called me a few times until I finally answered. I WAS BUSY ALL DAY sorry Joe hahaha.

My exclusive invitation from Pullman Miri
All smiles from Sarawak Bloggers. (can you spot me?) Photo Credit: Elena wee

A little bit about Chef Desmond

He was born in 1976 in Bahau,Negeri Sembilan (Oghang Nogori nih). He had his humble journey and got a job in KL as a Dim Sum Chef. He joined various World Renowned Hotels mostly mastering in Asian Cuisine as in Dim Sum,Pull Noodles and Mooncake.

He came back to Malysia in 2015 and currently working in Pullman Kuching as a Dim Sum Chef.

When I first met him, to me he is a shy person but very approachable and funny. Expert in his field, he shared his knowledge to us and that is one of a good trait of a chef.

The making of Xiao Loong Bao


With apron and chef hats,all of us started with our first class which was making the Xiao Loong Bao.

The process of of making this bao looks easy seriously looks easy. But once we get our hands on them. IT WAS A MESSSSS! We giggled,we laughed and we tried our best to make our hand made bao look at least decent but naahh..maybe we need extensive class to do that LOL.


Hand Pulled Noodles

After the mess making bao,we had a little rest before moving to the next sesh which was the Hand Pulled Noodle. The process take a lot of “dancing movements”; and the reason why I said dancing movement so that the protein in the dough will be spread evenly.


​   To be honest,I really suck pulling the noodles so I gave up half way and just observed others. I did tasted the noodle in the end,although I didn’t manage to make it on my own.  We ate the “fruits of our labour” at the end of the class, I DO ATE ALOT OF THE BAO because it taste sooo good.




So that was it,my first hand on experience joining masterclass hosted by Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel. Twas an awesome day for me, to get to know new people,learning new things that I thought I wouldn’t get to learn before this. Thank you so much to Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel once again and hoping for a future collaboration.

How to join the masterclass?

Please call Ms Pira at 085-323 888 ext 8224

Price for the Masterclass: RM88nett.

Open for public.

Come one come all. Learn while you still can.

Till then,




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