Confessions of a working mom



In my own room. After finishing my 8 hours shift, I showered,cooked sunny side egg and get dressed. Ate my supper under 5 mins because I was super hungry.
Its a total pleasure to have my own time( sebab anak dah tido) and time for me to chill after a days work. I’m sure you wonder what I do for a living; I’m a Barista. Yep,you read it right. Been jumping career since God knows how many time. And I settled being a barista(hope so will last).

I rasa some of you been wondering how can I manage between work,parenting and life. I do get alot of support from my siblings (they are my pillars),being the last one makes me a bit manja so emmm yeah. They do helped me taking care of my daughter (some of you might not know, I’m a SINGLE parent). My job requires me to work in shift hours so I NEED to play around with my time so that I can spend time with Mia (my daughter), Agus ( my better half, ehem) lol and my siblings and friends. (Yes I do have life outside of work)

My job can be tiring as hell but then I love what I do although sometimes I question myself why did I choose the “Barista Life” HAHAHA. But then,in the end I feel somewhat content that actually my job is fulfilling and I served my community well one cup at a time LOL.

On the other note,being mommy to a 7 year old girl memang sangat interesting. She questions everything,the WHY,the HOW,you name it. Sometimes I’m out of answers to answer her. Its hard to go to work at times because she will buat perangai(sulking ALOT) but then I have to explain to her why mommy has to go to work. A 7 year old might not understand my explaination but then she knows I will be home no matter what time I finish my shift. 

I do miss alot of life events prior to my job but then, that is life.. 

When I think about it, I wanted to be a SAHM because I want to be there for her but then I can’t, I need to keep the ball rolling. 

Oh well, ain’t no rest for the wicked until our eyes is closed for good.


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