Currently laying down,reading whatsapp from various groups and thinking should I eat or should I just shut my mouth.

I left my office job for mere 7-8 months now. If you ask me if I’m missing 9-5 job,part of me will say yes..part of me will say no. 

I am a person of skills. I picked up skills as I do my daily task. For example, I never had a formal training on photography,yet I learnt alot from my photographer friends,practicing and reading. 

I dropped out of my college because I got pregnant. Well,before this I think it was the biggest mistake but then now,everything that has happened has its own blessing in disguise.

For me, I have no problem on catching up. I’m a fast learner ( I guess LOL)😅 Maybe thats my talent kot. Sadly,those talents of mine are mostly not on papers. For example,I was told that I am good (i don’t think so) in sales & marketing & customers service. But I got no papers to show it to my potential employers. 

” I have few set of skills yet I don’t have the paper” 😂.    

Jadi, apa yang saya ingin sampaikan sekarang ni is, sometimes kena ada scroll,sijil,certificates whatsoever baru dapat cari makan. Hahhahahah.

I am currently menangguh my Degree sebab tak larat and all. I hope when I am ready and I am larat to go back to school, I can study in peace.

Anyhoo, I am grateful for the job I have now if not I got no money to pay my bills and car. LOL No lah, this job of mine really pushed me to the limits of how far can I go, how skilled I am dealing with human beings, how elastic my heart can be. I just wondered for how long I can bertahan in this industry.

So readers, thank you for reading my tonight’s rant.

You guys rock! (If only I ada readers lah)
Till then, 



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