Cheezy-fied at Chillax.

I am still recovering from the chessy-load I had. 

Oh well, hello readers! Welcome back to read all my random adventures and ramblings!

Me & the Sarawak Bloggers were invited for Pizzart by Anchor Food Professionals at Chillax Café & Bistro, Miri. For the record, Chillax Café is one of the best hangout place in Miri. 😉


What is that? It’s simple, PIZZA meets ART.  Artisanal pizzas that were conceptualised and created by Anchor Food & Professionals’ Hot Cooking Chefs (ermm define HOT🤔😙) as a way to help their partners create more excitement & variety in what they offer to their customers.

Why Chillax?

Chillax is one of AFP ( Anchor Food Professionals) partners and as well as that they have the facilities (pizza oven is a must) and kitchen crew with advanced culinary skills.

Participating Chefs & assistants were trained in the ways  of a skilled PIZZAIOLO ( a person who specialised in making pizza) by AFP in preparation for the launching of the campaign. They (chefs & assistants) were taught special skills to create unusual pizzas.

Multi-task products.

Only the finest of the finest ingredients were used to create scrumptious pizzas such as Anchor Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, Anchor Unsalted Butter, Anchor Colby Cheese, Anchor Cheddar Cheese and Mainland Edam Cheese (all products are certified HALAL) 🍕

Enough of that, let me share with you 3 out of 5 pizzas that were given to us to taste. 😙

Lil’ Quacks

Okay.. why Lil’ Quack? Because its actually with Smoked Duck inside the pizza muffin. On a daily basis, I don’t eat duck that much,but then surprisingly, this lil guy don’t give much hint about duck taste which is really confusing yet yummy. Though its a lil wee bit salty for me,but then..for duck lovers,this is a treat for you! 

Price: RM 12.90

Lil Quack juicy fillings.

Pot Pie

As simple as its name,this pot pie is bursting with flavours! The Pizza Pie Crust is beyond perfection for me. With the saltiness from the Cheese & Buttery sensation to it,every bite is heavenly! I love pies and meat so yeah, this is the best pot pie I have ever tasted. Mind you,this pie can be shared maybe with 2 or 3 person as the portion is quite big for 1 person to eat alone; now you have a reason to bring people to eat together with you.

Price: RM17.90

Adjaruli Kachapuri

Sounds Indian but its not. This dish is a traditional Georgian- just a simple cheese-filled bread with egg. Best eaten while its hot and you know what is the best beverage to pair with this dish? Starbucks Sumatra Coffee. Or Red Wine 😉 . Cheese loaded with egg,somewhat tasted like Poached Egg with Cheese sans the bread lah. It is suitable for Vegetarian (that still can consume eggs) or anyone that don’t want to consume any meat on that particular day.

Price: RM16.90

There are actually 5 Pizza Masterpiece but then 3 were being put in the menu for the moment and available till November 2017.

Generally, Malaysians do love eating pizza- mainly because its a filling comfort food. With these kinds of creations, consumers will experience new level of excitement consuming gourmet pizza.

By doing this, AFP is paving a way to their partners to create varieties of what they can offer to their customers.

Artisanal pizzas will be available at:

  1. The Chubs Grill (Sabah)
  2. Mad Ben Cafe (Sabah)
  3. Chillax Cafe & Bistro ( Miri)
  4. Coup De Grill ( Bintulu)
  5. Bistecca & Bistro ( Sibu)
  6. Movida ( Branches in KL, Negeri Sembilan,Melaka & Johor)
  7. U Pizzeria ( Klang Valley & Perak)
  8. US Pizza ( Penang)
  9. Lunarich ( Penang)
  10. Ejohng Concept ( Johor)

About Anchor Food Professional

They recently rebrand to reflects the way foodservice team are doing business,acting as true consultants,working behind the scenes to deliver new tastes/products for chefs,bakers,caterers,hotels; any F&B related services that are using AFP products.

The team are very involved with their partners in all aspects of operations and business- from front of house presentation; pricing & promotion, enhancing yield & taste and delivering new menu options. By working closer with their customers’ businesses, Anchor Food Professionals is using this knowledge and research to optimizing dairy ingredients by using Fonterra’s world leading R&D to meet the specific needs of chefs,bakers & restaurant owners.

Oh well,thats about it. I won’t be writing long, you guys need to head down to Chillax to taste them yourself. 

Thank you so much for AFP for inviting us for the beautiful event & to Chillax Cafe & Bistro for hosting this review session and giving us a wonderful service. SANGAT SUKA! MUCH LIKE!

One for the album
There’s me. 😙

Where is Chillax Cafe & Bistro?

Lot 2085, Ground Floor, Jalan MS 1/1 Marina Square, Marina Parkcity 98000 Miri
👆🏽 any informations on business hours or menus or activities, please do follow them on their FB page. 

Support local cafe!

Till then,


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