New Chef in Town!

Hello there!

How’s your Chinese New Year preparation coming? I have a wonderful news to share with you in this coming festivities!

First of all, Miri Marriott has appointed new Chinese Chef, Chef Ang Choo Cuin to join in their F&B family. He will be in charge of the Chinese food development as well as maintaining the quality and standard of food preparation hence oversee the Chinese food production of the hotel’s banquet events, assist by Executive Chef, Chef Len Ivan Osmund.

Chef Ang created his signature dish, called the Deluxe Abalone Poon Choi  which consist of dried scallops,dried oysters,water king prawns,roasted chicken, sea cucumber,fish maw and all other premium ingredients.

Chef Ang pouring broth to Poon Choi. photo by Elena Wee
Chef Len explaining about Poon Choi

Chinese New Year is not Chinese New Year with the famous must-have Yee Sang. Miri Marriott has composed special Yee Sang set suitable for your budget and the number of guests. Yee Sang is a signature dish as a symbol of prosperity,luck and all thing that is good. The higher you toss higher chance of you approaching your luck. HAHA, FYI, this Yee Sang can be enjoyed either when you want to dine in or take away, convenient or not?

Health and Wealth in a dish.



There you go folks! Now that you have the idea of what Miri Marriott has to offer this Chinese New Year, call them for reservations or inquiries at 085-421121. Not to forget, there will be their annual LION DANCE and 24 Season Drum Performance on 16th of February. so head on down to Miri Marriott to join in the festivities!


Till then,


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